Frequently asked questions

How will this host and work?

We will use these rules, which are the same as our tourneys, in our league!
➡️ Basic Summary:
The host is responsible for sending friend requests and inviting the non hosting team. For 2 vs 2 the hosting team will start a Battle Royale Squad match. Whichever team has the most kills at the end of the game wins. It is not based on who lasts the longest. In the event of a tie in kills, the team that stayed alive the longest, meaning the last to go down/die, will receive the win. If the game is won, and kills are tied, the team that got the LAST kill will be considered the winners.
➡️ Tie in Kills: If both teams die with the same number of kills, then the game will be replayed. ------ ➡️ Working as a Team: Teams may work together; however, members are not allowed to cause the death of any of their cooperative oppenent(s) (co-ponent) they're competing against. This includes destroying structures, making them fall, purposely hitting them with boogie bombs etc. Proof of an opponent destroying their opponents structures, or obviously sabotaging the other team will result in a forfeit. We must have clear valid proof to warrant a forfeit or replay. ------ ➡️ Hosting: Seed closest to 0 host Best of 3: 1 & 3

When are playoffs? How many teams make playoffs?

Money Playoffs will begin on Friday, July 6 and finish Saturday, July 7. ---
The top 8 teams from each pool, will qualify for the money playoff, which will be in a Double Elimination Tournament style format. The top 2 from the money playoff, will be in the money and will receive the 1st and 2nd place prize.

When are matches played? Can I reschedule matches?

There will be a total of three (3) matches every weekend. These are normally played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Times and a schedule will be provided but are tentative. However, matches (time & date) can be rescheduled by talking to your opponent's captain. All matches for each weekend must be played before the following Friday. All matches must be completed and reported by July 3rd at 5pm EST for them to count