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STANDARD adquired when purchased

1. All content is based on STANDARD LICENSE, which can only be used for the purpose of this sale.
2. All contents cannot be redistributed or resold by means of change, imitation, or processing.
3. The thumbnails and preview images shown on the site also apply the same to the scope regulations, thus preventing unautorized copying.
4. All content should not be uploaded in an external downloadable form, so that others can download it.
5. All content can not be issued, sold, resold, distributed, transferred, rented, replicated or tramitted to others.
6. The downloaded content cannot be used as an exhibition / contest, logo, symbol, trademark or service mark.
7. You can not sell or register intellectual property rights for seconday works made using the contents and contents provided on this purchase.
8. If the contents are shared with a third party and a third part uses the original content / the buyer is responsible for all responsabilities.
9. The content is for personal use and can be only presented to others if these have been propertly edited.. You can't profit from selling or editing these products, nor claim them as yours in order to attract clients if you are a freelancer or a consulting company.

© Copyright 2020 by Mr.Flats - Eduardo Zapata. All rights reserved

To get more information or buy an extended license, please contact us.

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